Today, we will install the original ether wallet for windows. The current version (0.5.2 Beta 10) is a pre-release. That´s why you should test the Ether wallet with smaller amounts for the moment. For us it has been running fine so far without any errors. In the following, we will introduce the fundamental functions to you.

  • Download and create ether wallet
  • Setting up a new account
  • Sending and receiving ether
  • Secure ether accounts

1. Download and install an ether wallet.

You can download the current version of ether wallets here: Ether Wallet Download. You can choose from versions for Linux (32bit and 64bit), Mac OS X and Windows (64bit). We choose the windows version and download it. You only have to unpack the file after the download. After that, the ether wallet can be used without installing it. You simply have to start the file “Ethereum-Wallet”.

When you open the file “Ethereum-Wallet” for the first time, you have to fill in some details. In the first step, you choose “Main Network”. Afterwards, you have the possibility to import a presale account. If you do not have one, you can skip this step. In the next step, you have to enter the password for your first ether account (ETHERBASE). We recommend a mix of at least 15 characters consisting of upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers. Note down your password outside your computer. You need this password every time you want to send Ether. After choosing your password, your ether wallet is synchronized. Due to the fast growing blockchain, it takes several hours when you start it for the first time. After that, the ether wallet opens with the account details.

Here once more the single steps, when starting your ether wallet for the first time:

  1. Choose “Main Network”
  2. Choose “skip” in import presale account (unless you have a presale account)
  3. Choose a secure password
  4. Wait several hours

2. Create a new ether account

You can create a new Ether account in the account details by clicking on “add account”. You simply have to choose a password. Theoretically, your ether account could be hacked by criminals, as your ether account is saved on your computer. Criminals can only access your ether, if they know your password. This is why it is so important to choose a secure password.

3. Sending and receiving ether

It is so easy!In order to receive either, you have to give the sender your ether address. Click in the ether account you want to use to receive ether. Your ether address is saved in the cache if you click on “copy address”. Press Strg+V at the same time on your keyboard, in order to fill in your ether address in the required place.If you want to send ether, click on “send” on the top bar. If you have several accounts, you can choose which account to use in the field “from”. Fill in the recipient address in the field “to”. The amount is shown in Ether. If you want to send the entire amount of ether of the chosen account, tick the box “send all”. You can choose the charged fee with the regulator in “choose fee”. The amount of fee influences the speed of the transfer. We set the regulator in the middle. Therefore, we pay a fee of approx. 1 Cent per transfer at the moment. Click on “send” and verify the transfer with your password.

4. Secure ether accounts

Secure your ether accounts in order to safe them from a loss. Click on “accounts” in your ether wallet, choose “backup” and “accounts” again. Now the ethereum folder opens up. All your ether accounts are stored in the folder “keystore”. In order to secure your ether account, it is sufficient to copy them on a USB Stick, for example. If you ever loose access to your data due to a harddrive error, for example, you can simply download the ether wallet again and copy the ether accounts from your USB Stick to the folder “keystore”. After restarting your ether wallet, you have full access to your ether again.


  1. Create a paper wallet on your computer.
  2. Back up your ether account on a USB-Stick.
  3. Let somebody send you some ether to your ether account.

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